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  • The Best Dog Balm
  • The Best Dog Balm
  • The Best Dog Balm
  • The Best Dog Balm

The Best Dog Balm


🐾 The Best Dog Balm offers soothing relief for your dog’s cracked paws, interdigital cysts, hot spots, itchy ears, sore butts, and it will calm most skin irritations too. This potent formula will save you the time and trouble of unnecessary trips to the vet for issues that can be treated at home. Your dog will thank you for it and so will your wallet!


Free of steroids and synthetics, The Best Dog Balm has a sweet citrus scent that dogs love. It is easy to apply and delivers exceptional results, guaranteed.


This balm may be used anywhere on your furry friend, but please keep it out of their eyes. For best results, apply at least twice a day, with one application being at bedtime.


Our balm is safe to lick and will still work if your dog licks most of it off, as most dogs usually will. It is also puppy-safe and safe for humans too!


1.5 oz


Please keep this product clean, dry, and away from heat. 


Thank you!

  • With clean, dry hands scoop out some balm and massage into problem areas. Apply often for best results and at least once at bedtime. This product may be used anywhere on the body.

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